Web3 Marketing Strategist & Marketing Funnel Architect

My name is Yurii. I’m Ukrainian, living in Bali.

I do marketing for quite a long time already, and I have experience working in the following niches: IT & Web Development, Aviation / Air Business, Digital Marketing, Coaching Programs &, Mentoring Programs & Online Courses, Architecture, Import/Export Business, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, NFT & Play2Earn.

Besides the above, I am a Cybersecurity Enthusiast since I believe that this niche will have a very big demand and importance in the near future (actually it already has).

In my free time, I do trekking to volcanoes, fly my drone, enjoy free diving and run for 10-15 kilometers.

I do believe, we as humans that live in such a technocratic world, have to balance life well. Therefore I keep my life & work balance by living a digital nomad lifestyle that allows me to always travel the world, meet new people, visit great events, and conferences, and feel life to the fullest.

<aside> 👋 I hang out on social media, so, feel free to slide into my DM (always open) for a faster response on Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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My scribbles

I like scribbling things I am working on, though I rarely publish them. A few pieces made their way out recently👇

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